Church of Christ Recovery

Have you been told unless you are in the Church of Christ you will not go to heaven?  Have you been taught that worshiping with instruments will lead you to hell?  Have you been led to believe that you can’t know for certain that you are saved?  If you are divorced or a woman, have you been made to feel as a second class or inferior to serve in the local congregation?  Do you desire a deeper relationship with Jesus?

Welcome to Church of Christ Recovery.  There is no hidden purpose or agenda with this ministry. This ministry desires to lead you away from the teachings of the hard core Church of Christ which represents the modern day Pharisees.

On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis on the door of The Castle Church in Wittenberg. This was in REVOLT of the corruptions in the church. Much in the same way the Church of Christ is saturated in error.  Church of Christ Recovery wants to lead people away from the harmful teachings.

Not all Church of Christ congregations are in need of change, and obviously this is not targeted their direction. Yet there are many thousands who don’t feel their Church of Christ congregation is correct on some things yet they are made to feel guilt if they dare challenge OR if the answers they find through study don’t match up with the Church of Christ answers.

This site is developed to Expose, Emancipate, Educate and Empower. You can read the writings, with new material always being added, at your own pace and time.  Research them and find they contain the truth and you will be liberated.  Without any fear or shame you can ask questions, comment either by name or anonymously.  You can make contact by email or simply read.

God bless you on your journey.


Below are several articles to read first. These will give you a better understanding for the purpose and content of this site.