The Big Lie

It is quite the debate to rightly ascertain the biggest lie of the hard-core Church of Christ denomination. However, one does stand taller than the others and just where this one began is not easy to pin point.

To be specific the lie comes in several different forms and stated in the following ways:

  1. The Church of Christ is the only true church
  2. The Church of Christ has always been the only church
  3. The Church of Christ was established on the Day of Pentecost 33 A.D. (Acts 2)
  4. (A variation from above) The Church of Christ was established on the Day of Pentecost 33 A.D. and grew strong then decimated to nothing or almost nothing for a number of centuries. Then in the past 200 years revived and became vibrant again.

Each of these statements, and even others very similar, have been spoken, written and taught in the presence of this writer. This is not just a lie, it is the BIGGEST lie of the denomination that is the Church of Christ.


It is the biggest lie because by teaching this it boasts that everything the Church of Christ leaders say comes with authority. These statements give the denomination importance and significance. Yet the very act of saying or repeating these things is not only to speak a lie but also to show daft ignorance.

On one occasion Jesus asked his followers who people thought he was. There were many rumors going around about who this Jesus was. Several answers were given and then Jesus asked his closest associates, “Who am I?”

Peter responded and said, “You are Christ, son of the living God.”

This answer was correct and immediately Jesus makes the following statement,

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18

If the Church of Christ denomination is the ONLY true church and all other churches going by other names are false – then it means for several centuries the church failed. It means the gates of hell prevailed against the church. This is a direct contradiction to what Jesus stated in Matthew 16. IF the Church of Christ denomination began in AD 33, then the claim that the Church of Christ lost vibrancy, fell to nothing or was “revived” after several centuries of nothing, then this is a direct violation of Christ’s words.


No evidence exists that there was ever the presence of the Church of Christ denomination before the Restoration Movement of the 1800’s. It is true that many of the Puritans, who settled New England in the 1600’s, had church buildings that wore the name “Church of Christ.” However, the Puritan theology (Reform) and Church of Christ theology (a Pelagian/Arminian hybrid) are in direct contrast to each other. Those names the Puritans placed on the buildings were just that- names. They did not practice or teach what the Church of Christ teaches.

As any good Church of Christer would tell you Romans 16 Paul salutes the Churches of Christ therefore that is the proof and evidence of it’s first century existence.  However, that is stretching things a little.  Paul was making a general reference to the churches that belong to Christ.  Just as the same Paul talked about the the church of God in Corinthians.  It is a general statement of possession and not a reference to any modern church name.

The Church of Christ denomination, officially recognized in 1906, did not begin in AD 33. It began in North America in the 1800’s. It began with MANY noble ideas and exclusivity was NOT one of them. There “was now no intention to set up a new separate communion or denomination. Alexander Campbell was pleased with the Baptists more than any other community of Christians.” (Murch, James DeForest, Christians Only page 61.)

What sprang from the work of Alexander Campbell was eventually a new denomination. A denomination that thru the years grew more exclusive and divisive. It grew into what is present day Church of Christ. He had no desire to set up a new denomination. He regarded his friends in other churches as Christians. (ibid, page 44). This idea would most definitely be damned in the present day hard core Church of Christ.

There are these things called facts. Ignoring them produces ignorance and apathy. With the smallest amount of research one can find the truth that the present day Church of Christ was set up in America in the 1800’s and not Jerusalem in AD 33. Some may hear their leadership make the false claim that the Church of Christ was began in AD 33. When they find the historical facts prove this false, those people may begin wondering what else the leadership is also falsely claiming.

The Big Lie in the Church of Christ is found in the claims that it IS THE CHURCH. That it began in AD 33 on the Day of Pentecost. This false claim props up the denomination as the authority. The writer believes that many who repeat this lie may genuinely be ignorant and are unaware that it is a lie. Further, it is often said the more something is repeated the easier it is to believe it. That can certainly be the case here. The more hard-core the Church of Christ congregation is, the more adamantly they repeat this error.

To those who are considering leaving and finding another body of faith remember that Christ church (a church or collection of believers that span MANY names) will never be weak, decimated or disappear. As Jesus promised, the gates of Hell have never nor will ever prevail against it!

Be Free

The Value Of A Dirty Tampon

One summer day at the early age of 19, I was in the office at my first internship.  It was just before lunch and as the preaching minister was leaving we had a short discussion on how most people view grace.

He looked at a glass of water that was on my desk which was almost empty. “Most the-glass-of-waterpeople see grace like that glass of water.  It is not completely full.  Likewise my righteousness lacks a little.  SO do as much good as I can and whatever is needed God will fill the rest.”  He then, very briefly, discussed Romans chapter 3 and a few passages in chapter 4.  “We do not do anything to fill our righteous cup, God fills it completely.  Our salvation and forgiveness is ALL grace!”

This led me to dig into the scriptures and for that lunch hour and the rest of that day I did a verse by verse break down of Romans chapter 3 and 4 and Galatians chapter 3.  It shed new light on Ephesians 2:8.  It was as if a switch had been flipped and my world changed light years in one day.

I was inspired which caused me to share this with anyone who would listen.  It was not long before I was challenged.  One misguided minister overheard me speaking of this at a church camp and he was quick to “set me straight.”

“We have to do SOMETHING to be saved!”  he said.  “Look at Noah, he would not have been saved if he did not make the ark.  He would not have been saved if he had not made the ark just like God asked.  So, yes, God was gracious to Noah but Noah had to do something to get that grace.  The same is true today, we must do things to get God’s grace.”  (a more complete explanation of this can be found in the New Birth Essay Conclusion by clicking here)

I came across this same idea in the following article from the Niceville Church of Christ.  Below is an excerpt from their web site as well as a link to that article, which was active when this post was written.

In the salvation of man’s soul there are two necessary parts: God’s part and man’s part. God’s part is the big part, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift if God; not of works, that no man should glory” (Ephesians 2:8-9). The love which God felt for man led him to send Christ into the world to redeem man. The life and teaching of Jesus, the sacrifice on the cross, and the proclaiming of the gospel to men constitute God’s part in salvation.

Though God’s part is the big part, man’s part is also necessary if man is to reach heaven. Man must comply with the conditions of pardon which the Lord has announced. Man’s part can clearly set forth in the following steps”  . . . Fr0m there it goes on to list the “Five Steps Of Salvation.”

( From Niceville Church of Christ web site: Link Click Here )

That summer day, while being challenged by that Church of Christ minister, I was confused.  His statement seemed to be true.  It seemed to make logical sense.  However, Ephesians 2 says that I was saved by Grace and not by any work of my own.  If I have to do something then it is a work.  I had no answer.  How could the Bible say something in one place and something different some where else.

Over the years, through Spirit’s teaching I have learned a great deal.  I have learned that my righteous act is like a dirty tampon (Is. 64:6).  That Hebrew phrase there for filthy rags is the same as used or dirty menstrual rags.  My righteousness is like a dirty tampon in God’s presence.

Pretty bad isn’t it?  There is NOTHING I can bring to God to make me righteous.  My acts of righteousness and my acts of faith are BECAUSE of God’s saving grace in me.  He changed me and also changed every saved believer (Ezekiel 36:25-27; Titus 3:4-6). He changes my heart and my actions to desire to be obedient.

To take credit for any part of salvation is nothing short of disgustingly irreverent to a Holy God.  The word picture Isaiah creates with the dirty tampon is done for a reason.  We do not have a PART in salvation.  To say otherwise is to proclaim that God owes me.

God will get all the glory for any saving work. It is His grace.  It is purely grace and it is always for His glory (Colossians 1:16).

Be Free


Recovery In 2014

Thoughts and emotions are swirling in many directions. When this ministry site was conceived and implemented there were stated some goals and purposes.  The writers and contributors to Church of Christ Recovery wanted mainly to help those in the hard core Church of Christ.  The help would be to gain a better understanding of the Bible and what it means to be a Christ follower.  The help would also be for those who may want perceive that the teaching in the hard core Church of Christ is flawed and also those who may want to leave the denomination.

Helping church leaders in the Church of Christ was a secondary thought and desire that surfaced.  A vision of a reformation within the restoration movement was formed.

This brings me back to the thoughts and emotions that swirl.  Sometimes I get angry as I think of the ignorance, hurt and pride that exists within the walls of many Church of Christ congregations.  Anger grows intense when scripture is twisted and taken out of context to be a “proof text” for the denominational doctrine.

It is then realized the hard core Church of Christ will not likely be reformed though, it should be recognized that the Holy Spirit can and does marvelous things.  However, our efforts are best spent on the individuals who have been hurt or those who are seeking answers.  Church of Christ Recovery is here for the individual.

The year of 2014 will be a very productive year for Church of Christ Recovery.  More attention to content and teaching will be available.  There will also be a number of essays and the most exciting addition will be the focus upon actual seminar and classes which will be presented online and in person.

The hard core Church of Christ teaching deminishes the grace of God, sovereignty of God and the glory of God.  It places too much emphasis on what the individual does to be saved and far less on God.  This is tragic and dangerous.

Church of Christ Recovery wants to help you recover from the church and its theological  abuse and introduce you to a relationship with Jesus the one who said:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Be Free

Leaving the Church of Christ Part Two: Finding A Healthy Body of Believers

“You just need to sit a while and let us minister to you.”

Those were most likely the most helpful and comforting words I had heard.  Pastor Doyle Jackson from The Church Next Door had shared them with me as we met for dinner on several occasions and discussed our lives and our theologies. 

If you are preparing to venture away from the Church of Christ denomination, most likely they are words you need to hear as well.  Find a place and heal as you let other brothers and sisters minister to you.

But how do you find the right place?  How do you avoid getting into another damaging church atmosphere or cult like setting? 


The Church of Christ has got to be one of the most ignorant collections of theologians history has ever known. There is no way to substantiate such a large statement but there is truth in that hyperbole.  Even though that statement is said with tongue in cheek it goes a long way to describe the infancy and lack of elementary truths most Church of Christ leaders do not grasp.  (Hebrews 6:1)

Hard core Church of Christ will tell you they do not study “Theology.”  They avoid the word and term all together. I am not certain as to why but if I had to guess it is because “denominations” study theology.  The hard core Church of Christ will do everything it can to not appear “denominational.”  I have joked in past that when the Church of Christ learn that Methodists pray and Baptists use hymnals, the Church of Christ will stop praying and using hymnals.

Theology is the study of God.  The best place to get that is THE BIBLE. Groundbreaking revelation is it not?  You can study what other sources have to say about theology and a SHORT LIST of good books will be at the end of this article.  However, first and foremost, it is important that you simply study the Bible. Read it through as often as you can.  That may mean once a year, for others it may mean a few times a year.  Read the Gospels several times a year.  Only three chapters a day gets you through it in a month. 

Get some good study tools to help you understand the parts that are difficult.  These study tools will help you get through some areas where there seems to be contradictions.  The first list of books at the end of this article are study tools to help in this process.


Pray and fast for the Holy Spirit to guide you.  The Church of Christ spends little, if not zero amount of time on the Holy Spirit.  Having spent about 25 years in the Church of Christ, I cannot remember one sermon, class or series specifically spent on the Holy Spirit.  One does NOT have to be a Pentecostal to know and understand how powerful the Holy Spirit is. Remember, it is God living IN YOU. Romans 8:11

I can personally testify how I prayed that God would guide me to good teaching and preaching.  This most likely was the most significant step in my spiritual maturity.  I can take NO credit for this, it is all God’s grace towards me.  God answered that prayer with a resounding YES.

Getting healthy spiritually means feasting on God’s word.  Develop a theology – once you begin studying theology you will know what that means.  This does not mean you have every answer to every question.  It does not mean you know exactly how the end times will play out.  Jesus’ own disciples could not even figure out the very time they were living in let alone how the end times would come to pass.  What it DOES mean is you have a good grip of Scripture and can glorify God by being an active member of His body the Church. (1 Peter 3:15)


Find a body of believers with whom you find comfort AND a body of believers that teach MUCH on the grace of God.  Those who have been in the hard core Church of Christ NEED TO HEAR about God’s grace.

Did you know Noah was ONLY righteous because God’s grace towards him?  Did you know that Abram did what he did ONLY because of God’s grace?  He was an idol worshiper when God called him.  (Joshua 24:2,3, 14). 

This is NOT ordinarily taught in the hard core Church of Christ because it does not fit their agenda.  Most people think Abram just got it together one day all on his own OR that he was righteous and BECAUSE of his righteousness God used him. THIS COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!  

God was gracious to everyone who had a relationship with him in the Bible.  Period.  We are ALL unholy and unrighteous (Romans 3:12) and spiritually dead (Ephesians 2:1) and the only reason we are alive is that God was gracious towards us. The ONLY reason we seek to worship Him is that he worked in us first. (John 6:44, 65)  Grace upon grace.

Please, the please from Church of Christ Recovery is do not wander from the Spirit of God.  Allow a church to minister to you, all God to be gracious to you and heal.  Enjoy the freedom God provides.

Be Free!

Leaving the Church of Christ Part Two: Staying Grounded

The investigator inside you prompted you to dig, read and seek answers to questions you have pondered.  Is instrumental praise music sinful?  Does the Church of Christ have the perfect doctrine?  Will heaven only be filled with Church of Christ members?

There are many other questions very similar to those that thousands have asked and often the answers are NOT what has been taught in the hard core Churches of Christ.  For some this is troubling to the point that they want to find another body of believers.

As this is written, this author can think of several people who left the Church of Christ.  Some were filled with anger, distrust and hurt.  There are a myriad of feelings and emotions that have to be processed for some, for others it is an easy switch.

What is most often seen is a swing of the pendulum that goes outside the scope of the Gospel of Christ.  In simple terms some wander completely off the reservation in search of Christ.  Motivated by their distrust of leadership and lack of knowledge they wander from good theology.


One man who described himself as a hard chore Church of Christ member and after study and time he began to see the flaws in the Church of Christ doctrine.  He began searching and it was that search that led him to some New Age philosophies.

This writer once had a conversation with a current Church of Christ minister where he said he could easily be Catholic.  He admired their rituals and strict liturgies.  Truthfully, Catholics and hard core Church of Christ has more in common than most Church of Christ people are comfortable in admitting.

The hard core Church of Christ teaching leads itself to a RELIGION type belief system.  One may wander what is wrong with that.  The difference in RELIGION and the GOSPEL relationship with Jesus can be viewed here.  The easiest position for one who leaves the Church of Christ is salvation through works or salvation through knowledge.

One middle age woman who left the Church of Christ was in search of just ANYTHING different.  In the same way this attitude opened her to much misdirection.

The sovereignty of God will always reign.  The Holy Spirit will guide and teach (John 16:), this much is true.  This article only serves to alert the reader of potential pitfalls.  This article serves as a guide in the uncharted waters which need to be navigated.

The next article and last in this series is a welcome word of advice in the journey of How to Find A Healthy Body of Believers.

Be Free!