Church of Christ Recovery wants to aid in your study of the Bible in every way possible.  There is no reason to “reinvent the wheel.” Those who minister on this site have been down the road you are on or the road you are about to take.  We want to help aid you in a journey closer to God.

IN THIS SECTION, the entire resource section which includes, web, written, audio and video,  are some additional resources to hear/read/see online or download.  This collection of resources will continue grow so please revisit often.  Because these resources are included on this site should not be interpreted that those AUTHORS, WRITERS or SPEAKERS endorse or approve of Church of Christ Recovery. Nor should the hosting of the material on Church of Christ Recovery mean we endorse all ideas the authors put forth.

As with any reading or teaching one should approach it as if they were eating fish.  Take in the meat and allow it to nourish your body and spit out the bones.

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