Rubik’s Cube Interpretation

Sometime in the 1980’s decade the Rubik’s Cube became incredibly popular.  As a Jr. High school student I eventually got one and quickly went to scrambling the colors and then trying to solve the puzzle.

There were endless hours of working on this cube make every effort to getting every side exactly perfect.  It would take a genius to solve the puzzle without instruction or help.  I was no genius.  I was smart enough to get one side a perfect solid color but that was no big deal.  There were countless thousands of others who could accomplish that task.

Before a friend of mine shared his book with him, I had a way of tricking everyone into thinking I had solved the puzzle.  I would pull a corner piece off and then proceed to take every other part of the puzzle apart till all the pieces of the puzzle were off.  Then carefully find the proper colors and piece it all back together.

Obviously that is one way to solve the Rubik’s Cube, but that is not the proper way to solve it.  It was later that I learned the proper way to twist and turn and line up the cubes until it was perfectly uniform.

The hard core Church of Christ practices what I call “Rubik’s Cube Interpretation.”  This type of interpretation will tear thoughts, sentences of phrases out of context to justify a position.  To better define this let me give some examples.  In this post I will provide one example and then later posts will provide more.

One of the most identifying marks of the Church of Christ is their non-use of musical instruments.  They justify the lack of example in the New Testament for their use and go further to use Colossians 3:16 and Ephesians 5:19 as strictly forbidding them.  Some will take it a step further and say that this also excludes, humming, hand clapping or anything that does NOT come for literal singing a lyric.

This is pulling a sentence and phrase out of context. Neither of these two passages concern a “worship service”.  Worship service, would be a foreign phrase among these Chrstiains. Paul, who through the Holy Spirit wrote BOTH passages, was talking about how to conduct the Christian day to day life. These passages have NOTHING to do with what type of music is permitted during the assembling of the saints.

There is a lie that needs to be addressed concerning the silence in the Bible in regards to instrumental music.  One does not need to go to the Psalms but rather can remain in the New Testament to show that instrumental music is proper in praising God.

The book of Revelation gives us a peek into heaven.  It is interesting to note that 5:8, 14:2-3 & 15:2 are all examples of how God is praised and in each of them singing and harps are involved.  This is NOT figurative, but rather literal instruments used in praising God.

So one can see that God accepted and approved instruments in praising Him throughout the Bible.  With the sure to come argument that there is lack of evidence to support instrumental music I would counter with there was NO evidence that dancing before the Lord was an acceptable praise to Him.  Yet David did it (2 Samuel 6:14) and it was approved.

As more examples are presented of this “Rubik’s Cube Interpretation” it will be more clear and evident of the thought being presented here.  One can NOT pull a phrase, sentence or verse out of context to prove their point.  It is cheating and not the proper way to interpret Scripture.

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  1. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

  2. Hi, I read your article and was wondering where it said that David’s dancing was approved in reference to the verse that you provided (2 Samuel 15:7). Also, during this instance David was bringing up the ark of the covenant–this was not a worship assembly so I guess I don’t understand how that is a relevant point. Please also provide evidence that the instruments in Revelation are literal.
    Please also note that the Church of Christ is not the only “anti-instruments” group. Primitive Baptists, Greek Orthodox, and conservative Presbyterians are among those. If we look at church history, we had both John Calvin and Martin Luther opposing instruments, as well as many other non-Church of Christ leaders and members of other denominations–it was a HUGE deal in the 19th century. I am pretty fascinated by the topic but I don’t think this article was well written, sorry to say.

    1. It should be noted up front that many Churches of Christ do not operated under the wrong motivation that the use of instrumental praise is wrong. We can get into a discussion of NORMATIVE and REGULATIVE principles here, however there is not enough room and it will be a topic of writing in the near future. There remains, however, a collection of what I term ‘hard core Churches of Christ” who say that instrumental worship is a damnable sin and those who practice worship in such ways are hell bound. This article was directed more to those of the hard core group.

      In regards to my Dancing David passage I believe you made an over site. You incorrectly posted as 2 Sam 15:7, but in my article was listed as 2 Samuel 6:14. David’s praise WAS accepted. For proff I would point to the fact that after Michal chastised David for his praise she was stricken barren (6:23). Proof enough God was pleased with David and not pleased with Michal attitude.

      I would go a step further and even proclaim those in hard core Churches of Christ who fervently denounce those who use a piano, guitar, band, etc He may and could have the same reaction towards them. But I would also add to that, because of Jesus, we live under grace – and even some Pharisaical Churches of Christ (Baptist, Brethren, etc.) are forgiven for their dogmatic utterances.

      I am well aware of the handful of vocal only assemblies. I have and still say that is the only argument that vocal only people have is this HISTORY. But history is not Bible. Those of the Reformation would have a LOT to say about allowing history dictate theology.

      I am a huge John Calvin reader. I think he is most likely the best theologian since The ascension of Jesus. Through years and years of endless hours of self study and debate I am a Reform Theologian. I love what men like John Calvin, John Knox, Charles Spurgeon, H. Zwingli and others taught. However, because I love what these men wrote and taught does not mean I subscribe to everything they believe.

      The Church of Christ was born out of men who were former Presbyterians and Baptists. The Campbell’s were both dismissed from those denominations. The instrumental worship issue, at least in one specific time period in America, arose from an issue of social class, (the haves and the have nots). (see, Christians Only, A History of the Restoration Movement, James Deforest Murch)

      The instruments in Revelation are literal just as the instruments in Psalms are literal. The Churches of Christ has a cult like mentality with the scriptures and the article was dealing with the way in which they will twist the words, phrases and verses to get the meaning they desire. Anytime I hear “worship service” there is a dual reaction from two extremes of laughter and anger. There are no “worship service.” It is foreign to the Bible. Worship is my life. Period. There are times Christians do gather. But to say everything that happens after announcements and before closing prayer is my worship service is anti-Bible.

      I take no offense that the article did not resonate with you. You do not need to be sorry. Most content on this site is for those who are looking for possible other explanations. I am not trying to convince anyone but provide another view. While it is true that those views are ones I believe in, it is also true that they are written to show that some things the hard core Church of Christ teach as “this is the only way” is not true.

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