Leaving the Church of Christ Part Two: Staying Grounded

The investigator inside you prompted you to dig, read and seek answers to questions you have pondered.  Is instrumental praise music sinful?  Does the Church of Christ have the perfect doctrine?  Will heaven only be filled with Church of Christ members?

There are many other questions very similar to those that thousands have asked and often the answers are NOT what has been taught in the hard core Churches of Christ.  For some this is troubling to the point that they want to find another body of believers.

As this is written, this author can think of several people who left the Church of Christ.  Some were filled with anger, distrust and hurt.  There are a myriad of feelings and emotions that have to be processed for some, for others it is an easy switch.

What is most often seen is a swing of the pendulum that goes outside the scope of the Gospel of Christ.  In simple terms some wander completely off the reservation in search of Christ.  Motivated by their distrust of leadership and lack of knowledge they wander from good theology.


One man who described himself as a hard chore Church of Christ member and after study and time he began to see the flaws in the Church of Christ doctrine.  He began searching and it was that search that led him to some New Age philosophies.

This writer once had a conversation with a current Church of Christ minister where he said he could easily be Catholic.  He admired their rituals and strict liturgies.  Truthfully, Catholics and hard core Church of Christ has more in common than most Church of Christ people are comfortable in admitting.

The hard core Church of Christ teaching leads itself to a RELIGION type belief system.  One may wander what is wrong with that.  The difference in RELIGION and the GOSPEL relationship with Jesus can be viewed here.  The easiest position for one who leaves the Church of Christ is salvation through works or salvation through knowledge.

One middle age woman who left the Church of Christ was in search of just ANYTHING different.  In the same way this attitude opened her to much misdirection.

The sovereignty of God will always reign.  The Holy Spirit will guide and teach (John 16:), this much is true.  This article only serves to alert the reader of potential pitfalls.  This article serves as a guide in the uncharted waters which need to be navigated.

The next article and last in this series is a welcome word of advice in the journey of How to Find A Healthy Body of Believers.

Be Free!