Written Resources

Please remember: Because these resources are included on this site should not be interpreted that those AUTHORS, WRITERS or SPEAKERS endorse or approve of Church of Christ Recovery. Nor should the hosting of the material on Church of Christ Recovery mean we endorse all ideas the authors put forth.

Think as you read resources.  Do not just accept what is written or said as truth but let it challenge you.  Through honest evaluation these contributors may change your mind on some things or reaffirm what you already believe.  The key practice is to THINK.  Contemplate.  Reflect.  Meditate.  Most importantly compare to God’s word, the Holy Scriptures.  remember to NOT allow what you may have been told what the Scriptures say but rather, seek the truth for yourself.  Prayerfully and humbly seek the truth.

As with any reading or teaching one should approach it as if they were eating fish. Take in the meat and allow it to nourish your body and spit out the bones.

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